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home of the University of יהוה, Neo Jazz School of Music, Copy Zone and the Claiborne Reborn Initiative.

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Unity & Community

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Builders of the Highway Foundation has been donated full use and proprietary access to the 8000 square feet commercial space located at 1683 N. Claiborne Avenue.  This donated use of commercial real estate has been provided by the Tombar Family bequeathed in honor of the late Fredrick Tombar Sr.  The Tombar Family has a long history of philanthropy and charity throughout the state of Louisiana and adds this endeavor as a means to carry out Mr. Tombar’s legacy.

Through renovating the newly acquired space, Builders of the Highway Foundation has developed the Tombar Life Center home for The University of יהוה, Neo Jazz School of School of Music, and Copy Zone.

Neo Jazz School of Music, a subsidiary of the Builders of the Highway Foundation, currently provides private music lessons, ensemble training, music and jazz theory, cultural history classes, an Early Educational Math & Science Music Program as well as meetings and rehearsal space. As we continue to grow, the TLC will offer business seminars and workshops, health and wellness education, ethics training, goal setting seminars, literacy programs for all ages, live music and other cultural events for the entire family.

The hope is that by reclaiming and rebuilding of the TLC and the Neo Jazz School of Music, Claiborne Avenue and the surrounding area will be REBORN and unity will be restored in our community.

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At The TLC

The Tombar Life Center is an education based cultural facility centrally located on Historic Claiborne Avenue inside the Treme/7th Ward Cultural District of New Orleans. The TLC is the new home of the Neo Jazz School of Music, the University of יהוה and, through other collaborations, much needed programs and services for the whole family.

Programs and Services offered at the TLC are provided through the following service providers and program partners.





Java Copy Zone  


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